2017 Jan: Adventure

Between Fear and Faith This time last year, my husband told me he needed something different, something that made a difference, something that would be a big adventure. ‘So I’ve been thinking about combining adventure, photography, motorbikes and philanthropy. I’d like to ride around the world raising awareness for Water […]

Adventure: Between Fear and Faith

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines adventure as: 1. a. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks b. the encountering of risks 2. an exciting or remarkable experience The thing is, we’re all after an exciting or remarkable experience. I’d even be so bold as tosay that we’d all love an […]

defined by risk

I am in my mid-life (just!). I am in the mid-life of my professional career. I have a poster in my office area at home which reads, ‘Say YES to Adventures’. I mention this poster because I can identify that it is not always easy saying ‘yes to adventures’ in our career, and […]

Mid-Life Professional Career Regrets & New Adventures