“More than one-quarter of us feel lonely for at least three days a week.” Australian Loneliness Report Throughout our life, we will hold hands with many different people. We begin by grasping our mother’s finger, a friend in the playground and eventually the hand of the one we love, and maybe finally, as […]

Loneliness – You Are Not Alone

Don’t push away all that is uncomfortable, and cling to all that is pleasurable. This is ego. Instead, breathe deeply and relax into the present moment. This nervous feeling in your heart? Breathe in, breathe out. Stay for one moment. This is fearlessness.  Waylon Lewis. In this Kinwomen year of […]

Finding Fearlessness

Between Fear and Faith This time last year, my husband told me he needed something different, something that made a difference, something that would be a big adventure. ‘So I’ve been thinking about combining adventure, photography, motorbikes and philanthropy. I’d like to ride around the world raising awareness for Water […]

Adventure: Between Fear and Faith