About Kin Women

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Kinwomen is a network, not an organisation or a business, just a gathering of women who want to do life well and be able to claim honestly, ‘no regrets’. The network is women only – bringing together women of all ages, cultures, education, abilities and passions to share life and wisdom.

How will this be done?

  • Inspiration – discussion, events, on line resources.
  •  Stories – every one has a story to tell and every story contains challenge, teaching and a need for empathy (putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes).
  • Contribution – presenting opportunities to live beyond ourselves (giving finances, local and overseas volunteering, sharing skills with others).

At Kinwomen, we believe that women everywhere long for purpose, connection and conversation.  They want to share their lives on a basis of honesty and vulnerability but this only happens when there is mutuality between people in the sharing of self, failures and dreams.

Kinwomen seeks to build on that unique bond (experience, humour, circumstances, societal roles) that exists between women to make them allies of extraordinary strength. By tapping into this unity rather than living by comparison and competition, kinwomen is creating a women’s network that champions one another to live significant lives.

If you would like more information about booking speakers from Kinwomen for your next event please email: email@inoutinc.net