Adventure: Between Fear and Faith 2

Between Fear and Faith

This time last year, my husband told me he needed something different, something that made a difference, something that would be a big adventure.

‘So I’ve been thinking about combining adventure, photography, motorbikes and philanthropy. I’d like to ride around the world raising awareness for Water for Africa. What do you think?’

His facial expression suggested fear, perhaps fear of me saying no. Perhaps fear of me saying yes.

It took less than a few seconds for me say, ‘That’s wonderful. You should do it.’

In the last year, he assembled a team, worked out the details of the route, built a motorbike, secured visas, signed up for insurance, got vaccinated and, in a few weeks time, he’s leaving on an eight-month Odyssey around the world.

While my husband is riding around the world, I’ll be writing around the world. We’ll meet up in various places and, in between, I’ll be writing, visiting friends, volunteering and having my own adventures.

That’s how a lot of stuff in our lives goes. We think of a crazy idea, say yes, and then work out how to make it happen. The duelling banjos of faith and fear play a constant backdrop to our lives.

All the what-ifs, all the what-were-we- thinkings, all the battles between faith and fear combine in a life we feel called to live.

God whispers and we follow.





















Webster’s definition of adventure is (noun) an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

We step into typically hazardous territory every day. When we step into a new relationship, when we end something, when we begin again, when we start a new business, we hear the duelling banjos of fear and faith and life becomes typically hazardous.

The space between fear and faith is filled with courage, wisdom, determination, mistakes, tragedy, success, failure, joy, peace, anger—the whole gamut of human experience.

None us know how things will turn out—our plans are just plans and life has a way of stretching us in the interplay of fear and faith.

Life. That’s a big adventure.

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