defined by risk


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines adventure as:

1. a. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks

b. the encountering of risks

2. an exciting or remarkable experience

The thing is, we’re all after an exciting or remarkable experience.
I’d even be so bold as tosay that we’d all love an exciting or remarkable life. Because what’s the opposite? Dreary and average.

But the thing is, adventure is defined by risk. And risk is scary.

My husband and I are going into 2017 as what we’re calling the ‘quarter time’. We’ve played the game for a quarter, and we might have to change the gameplay from here on out. Or risk a pretty average game.
The thing is, we’re comfortable. He does what he knows how to do, and I’ve coasted along without too much pressure in many areas of my life.
To change things up now – career-wise, requires encountering some risk.
And, like anyone facing a potential adventure we weigh up those risks trying to assess the dangers, ignore the fear and foresee the outcomes before we dive in.

Last week I was planning a catch up with two high-school besties. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’, I put to them, pondering ‘to like, hike somewhere.’ Instead of the usual cafe-hopping-coffee-drinking-endless-chatting, we decided that yes, adventure was calling. Only the weather forecast was hottoo hot for hiking? we wondered. We assessed the risk, the dangers, but in the end the pull of ‘an exciting or remarkable experience’ won out. We set out early to beat the heat and hiked an incline of red dirt, rocks and through bush to find our way to the top of a hill that gave us perfect views all the way to our little city.
We talked the whole way. We awed at the view, and we finished feeling hot and strong and bonded.
It wasn’t comfortable like a cafe date would have been. It required strength and stamina.
But it was worth it.

It made me ready for the adventure of life this year.
I know I won’t find it in comfort or complacency.
And while sometimes, the idea of this adventure [putting a photography business out there, backing myself, making an income from my art] is petrifying and uncomfortable I know I’ll look back, maybe a big hot mess, but as someone stronger and proud of the hill I climbed.

Let’s not allow fear to hold us back from the potential of exciting and remarkable experiences this year. Whether it’s
a road trip with friends or an entrepreneurial idea – the experience outweighs the risks, every time.


About Em Hazeldean

Em is a lover of words, and has spent a lifetime recording the raw and intricate details of life in her journals and blogs. She speaks light and hope, and writes from a reservoir of deeply anchored faith in Jesus—as well as many long macchiatos. She is a wife, a mama to three kids, and a friend to many. Em has a bachelor's degree in English, Creative Writing and Journalism, and while her day job is as a library assistant, her superpower is editing and helping authors with their manuscripts. She believes in the beauty of tight hugs, freshly ground coffee and early mornings.