The heart’s longing for home 2

Intuition is the heart’s longing for home.  It calls to a better place, a place of space, a place of freedom. 

Intuition is the call to something that can’t be seen but gains your attention.  Something that can’t be held but holds your heart.  It teases the soul to a land of better.  Not necessarily a land of more. 

In a world of facts and figures, a world of forecasts and budgets, intuition speaks with colours and beauty, it speaks through movement and connection.  It entices you to move towards peace,  wholeness, and fulfilment. And it dares you to dream of these things not just for yourself, but for those around you. 

Intuition speaks into a KPI’d* -to-death world and breathes a life of possibility, a life of dreaming again.  Playing outside the boundaries and colouring outside the lines.  And, in doing so, re-engaging with living.  Messy, unpredictable, beautiful living. 

Intuition draws you to fight for those things that can’t be quantified but also can’t be silenced.  It is a fight to listen to your inner compass.  To be willing to take a road different to those around you.  Even different to what you had envisaged for yourself.  It is your path revealed by your heart’s call. The challenge though is intuition will call where to go, before you know how.

And that is the path for each of us to choose.  To listen to our internal compass, to sit with the drivers inside of us and know the still small voice of possibility with such depth we will strategize and do what we can to be where our intuition has called.  To engage our head with the destination of our heart and so to bring our whole selves on the journey of growth. 

Thank God for our intuition to entice us to new discoveries, to take us out of our comfort and be able to live a life of beauty and grace, not just for ourselves, but for our families and the communities around us.  And thank God for courage* to traverse a path, led by our heart before our head can understand. 

* Key Performance Indicators.   A term often used in business to quickly assess the state of a process.
* Courage –  derived from Latin “cor”  meaning heart. 

About Jo Abraham

Jo Abraham is still working out what she wants to be when she grows up. In the meantime, she is the happy wife of one and mother of four. Presented with many life challenges, she continues to hope, believe and expect the best is yet to come. Having worked as an engineer, to now fulfilling a dream to author a book, Jo is continually on the path to wholeness and freedom. She hopes to show other women avenues of hope leading to their freedom as well. Maybe she will see you along the journey.

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