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“Don’t let loyalty become slavery. Know when to let go and never compromise on self-respect.”


We all know loyalty to be a beautiful quality but I read this quote and it stunned me. Just for a moment.

It stunned me in a good way. It provoked me to rethink my scaffolding around the virtue of loyalty.

Loyalty has always been a core value in my life. I have practiced loyalty and sought loyalty. I believe it is a core element in being our true selves without fear or pretence but then this quote…

Was it true?

And after a brief internal deliberation, I agreed. Loyalty can become a cage. It can prevent us from speaking truth and challenging lies, from calling out misbehaviour and moving on. It can stop us from navigating robust conversations by leaving too many topics confined to the cellar.

Loyalty cannot become an excuse for naïveté, covering up wrong or co-dependent relationships. Instead it needs to become a bedrock for truth-telling, honest support and growth focused partnerships that can truly endure the test of time and the greatest of challenges.

About Kelley

Kelley is a speaker, author, overseas aid worker and perpetual student. She is passionate about women and gender issues, both in the local and international context, which underpins her enthusiasm for kinwomen and its contribution to women ‘living their finest life’. In 2014 Kelley completed a Masters in International and Community Development before establishing The Foxglove Project. Foxglove is a registered charity focused on supporting international development projects that are sustainable and driven by indigenous leadership. Kelley’s paid work requires her to travel extensively to evaluate and support projects supported by Australian funds. This experience and networking enables Foxglove to partner with outstanding overseas agencies delivering real opportunities for the poor and vulnerable to lead independent self-determined lives. Kelley combines these passions with a love of family and faith. Across more than 30 years of marriage, Kelley and her husband have worked through many of the challenges of building a relationship while raising three sons. Their boys have now finished high school changing the dynamics of family life and relationships. One of her great joys is sharing parenting lessons and learning from good and bad (sometimes disastrous) experiences. She uses humour and common sense to talk about the everyday challenges facing parents in today’s context.

One thought on “Loyalty

  • Andrea

    This is good I’m currently in the process of leaving work
    it’s amazing humbling (I’m a words of affirmation person) and these words have been craved for a long time.. how much I am appreciated… now that I’ve made a choice and resigned.
    I have been loyal and faithful for a decade working at this great place and it still is good in so many ways… just not for me … I feel torn yet I must go ..feeling just a tad crazy right now like I want to cry

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