2015: you choose

to heal 10
I am in awe today. I have seen a level of strength, love, grace and forgiveness that is quite extraordinary….and very counter-cultural. All week I have been pondering the thought, “To heal or to hurt?” In each choice we make, we can bring healing or create more hurt. In the words we […]

To heal or to hurt?

This year I spent a week in Cambodia working with Transform Cambodia. It was a challenging week for me. I played with the children, and taught them. I chatted with the staff and the curriculum developers. I tried to learn everything I could while I was there. But nothing prepared […]

little choices

I have found in my life it is often easier to just say yes than say no. As a mother. As a friend. As a lover. As a mentor. Lately I have been really aware of how often I say yes to something when I know in my season I […]

learning to say no