2015: Security

I don’t really want to write this. I think that it may too political or too divisive for this forum. I worry that perhaps I’m on my ‘soap-box’ again – maybe I should stick to talking to those who want to know. I had thought that this month I would write about my personal […]

Where do they find security?

I recently went on a weekend creative retreat. Just me and 72 other women, meeting together to be inspired and challenged in our creative endeavours. There were artists, photographers, writers, singers and musicians. There were creative entrepreneurs, poets and event stylists. There were speakers, journalists, florists, and bakers. There were […]

Compare and contrast

Already wary of the ocean as a three year old, Eden wouldn’t go near the water unless she could cling tight to us. Even then it was more frightening than enjoyable for her. One day this caution was heightened. She was on a beach in the south west, playing with her […]

just hold my hand