2015: nuture

For a tune while you read listen to this link Nils Frahm “Ode” from Travis Nobles on Vimeo. So you think you can: be your own best friend. Ahh Travel, it’s full of excitement and buzz. But sometimes it’s lonely and it takes your breath away. Especially that one line […]

Be Your Own Best Friend

A beautiful friend of mine this week was relaying to me her massive disappointment in herself because she felt she wasn’t good at doing a task that she had never done before, and will probably never have to do again. Her disappointment was palpable. She had such high expectations of […]

Self-Compassion | Self-Kindness

Do you ever feel like your life and schedule are out of control? As women we sometimes find it hard to find five minutes to be alone and in quietness on any given day. We hear talks encouraging us to take time for ourselves, or to fulfil our dreams and […]

Nurture: Mind, Body and Soul