2015 Jan: Today

  I want to write and pretend I have it all together. But I don’t. Today I feel incapable of imparting wisdom. I just want to rest. I just want to be myself without worrying about trying harder, trying to be something I’m not naturally. Sometimes it feels so complicated. […]

That wretched greasy stain.

Lately I have had a few conversations that have ended with the statement, ‘Oh maybe I am just getting a little old for that.’ Who told you that? In 2014 my Grandmother turned ninety one and she honestly is the bravest woman I know. Yes she is legally blind but […]

You are not too old.

  How do you start your todays? My best days are ones I rise early, tiptoe into the kitchen and click, click, click on the gas stove to boil the kettle. I avoid that one noisy floorboard, close the door that leads to the sleeping small people and take my […]

today is the best day

Today Another unknown mass of potential. I know that the thought of that, of today, can be daunting for some yet completely thrilling for others. We are all on the adventure, wandering through life with our best efforts at managing the intricacies of our individual walks. I love what Mark […]

Anything Today

At this time of year the focus is on the big picture, the dreams, the plans, the goals and the aspirations. These things are important, but sometimes finding time to dream and plan can seem too hard in the reality of every day. Like you, I have a house to […]

progress not perfection