Anything Today


Another unknown mass of potential.

I know that the thought of that, of today, can be daunting for some yet completely thrilling for others.

We are all on the adventure, wandering through life with our best efforts at managing the intricacies of our individual walks.

I love what Mark Twain said:

Kin Women 2Q1

I feel hopeĀ stirring as I consider that.

While there is potential, there is possibility and there is definitely potential and possibility for greatness and no one is excluded from this.

Today is filled with challenges, battles and struggles but today is also full of kindness, blessing and miracles.

Sure, reality can be quite sobering and often painful but today, right now, what if we chose and held one good thought dominant in our thinking amidst everything else that competes for prominence in our minds?

What if, today, right now, we gave just one kind and honest compliment away just because its possible and we can?

What if, today, right now, we dug deeply for the tiniest bit of goodness in one of our trickiest situations and dwelled on that instead?

What if, today, right now, we chose to share something kind and positive with someone we encounter along the way, a simple hello, a little smile, a pleasant story?

I read something quite sweet once, written by Charles Spurgeon about choosing the same thing over and over and he wrote; “it is by perseverance that the snail reached the ark.”

Imagine the ripple effect and potential wave of goodness we could create with consistent choices toward goodness and greatness?

Today is graced in hope, anything can happen.

Anything can happen to us and we can also spark that good and great that can be the ‘anything’ that can happen to someone else.

Kin Women 2Q2

From the shores of South Africa


About Jo-Anne Gordon

I am South African born, with a fiery, passionate heart. I absolutely adore the smell of fireplaces burning in winter and freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. I am a dreamer, a deep thinker and have been on the most amazing spiritual journey since 2004. I am most captivated by black and white photography and my favourite moments in life are when you laugh until your sides ache. Always seeking, always learning, and always aspiring to a fully present life anchored by grace.