2014 June: peace

  Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath. Slow our head and listen to our heartbeat. Whilst our heads are full of the whys, hows and whens – our heart cannot fully feel. Just stop. Feel again. Enjoy. Don’t be afraid of peace. Embracing peace [contentment] in the […]

Take heart

I have this sign above my kitchen. It sits there up high and in the centre of our house like a mantra, a statement for our home and our family. It says “Peace”. I have this coaster next to my reading chair, where I sit and pray, where I journal […]

seek peace

Recently I was de- friended on face book, from someone who was a part of my world and it really disturbed my peace. Have you been de-friended off facebook or blocked on instagram? How did it make you feel? I get the reasons why we do it. Large lists of […]

Enough is enough