2014 June: peace

I have this sign above my kitchen. It sits there up high and in the centre of our house like a mantra, a statement for our home and our family. It says “Peace”. I have this coaster next to my reading chair, where I sit and pray, where I journal […]

seek peace

Recently I was de- friended on face book, from someone who was a part of my world and it really disturbed my peace. Have you been de-friended off facebook or blocked on instagram? How did it make you feel? I get the reasons why we do it. Large lists of […]

Enough is enough

Day Seven Peace train series Peace, what is it? In contrast, we can accept that peace is an internal condition. One we navigate each day by challenging our assumptions about how life should be, reviewing our goals and aspirations, interpreting feelings, revisiting our priorities, and making corresponding modifications to where […]

Take a ride on the ‘peace train’ Day Seven