2014 April: forgive

Recently I have just finished reading a brilliant book by Author Brene Brown called Daring Greatly. This book is all about the shame culture that we have been brought up to believe as truth. That shame is used in our parenting, leadership, our careers, our friendships to keep an emotional […]

forgiveness and shame

forgive is slowly chiselled in the hardness of my heart each stroke hurts with each tap I lose something something I was holding onto something I thought I needed but when done I see again the flesh that was under the stone and I understand Jodie McCarthy


This week marks the twentieth anniversary of the start of 100 days of civil war in Rwanda.  The ‘enemies’ had been neighbours, friends and community members. In that 100-day genocide, 1 million people were killed, 2 million were internally displaced and 1 million fled into neighbouring countries – all of […]

practising forgiveness in Rwanda