Yearly Archives: 2016

Some conversations are hard. Some conversations never happen. Some conversations should happen. Some conversations need to happen. Some conversations change you. Some conversations change your course forever. Ten conversations that have mattered and made a difference in my life:  1. The time my boyfriend asked me to marry him and […]

Dare to Have That Conversation

There was a recent advertising campaign targeting one punch reactions around the country. Reactions that involve a deadly mix of alcohol and the impulse to attack. This campaign comes to mind when I see in social media reactive one-punch comments. Comments where there is no discussion, no relationship, no examining of both […]

agree to disagree

Coming up to the Christmas and holiday season, there is something that I look forward to more than anything – just sitting around, rather perhaps lazying around, and having fun, casual but meaningful conversations with family and friends. This Christmas is going to be a little bit different for us, […]

Creating Conversation Pits for Teenagers

It’s easy to shy away from contribution. Whether it’s simply a conversation, or serving at church or volunteering your time in a school P&C. I’ve disqualified myself from contributing countless times – I’m not smart enough, or bold enough, or fun enough. I’ve found myself stuck in dark corners (literally […]

get out of the corner