Nov 2016: contribution

It’s easy to shy away from contribution. Whether it’s simply a conversation, or serving at church or volunteering your time in a school P&C. I’ve disqualified myself from contributing countless times – I’m not smart enough, or bold enough, or fun enough. I’ve found myself stuck in dark corners (literally […]

get out of the corner

When you’re out at night and you need to walk back to your car alone it can be scary. I’ve often walked with my car key jammed between my fingers ready to hit someone if they jumped out at me. The sound of footsteps behind you can freak you out, […]

Walking Each Other Home

There are many ways the word of ‘contribution’ can takes us… but what sprung to my mind was related to the family and in raising children, particularly through the teenager years when these young people are finding their own feet, developing their own thoughts and opinions and becoming the good independent […]

Forget the Chores, Contribute to the Family!