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Sometimes the greatest storms bring out the greatest beauty … Life can be a storm, but your hope is a rainbow and your friends and family are the gold.

Steve Maraboli

Storms are startling in their intensity. Sometimes we see them coming and on others, they arrive seemingly out of the blue and we are caught unawares. I remember as a child pressing my face up against the window and counting the interval between the thunder and the lightning.

Now with children of my own, when a storm hits, it is tradition to all congregate on our bed in the master suite, where we open the curtains and watch the storm together. Cuddling in when the thunder gets too loud, exclaiming over the flashes of bright light illuminating the sky, watching the rain lash the windows.

That’s the thing about storms. They are easier to handle when you have someone with you. The thunder seems less menacing when you are snuggling in. The lightning becomes a wonder rather than a threat when we observe it together.

The same is true in the storms of life, whether it is those unexpected short sharp downpours, or the threatening storm clouds on the horizon that have been brewing for days, even weeks. What are the storms in your life? Have you got people who weather the storm with you?

“Weather the storm” is an interesting phrase and the origin of this idiom is from a ship safely coming through bad weather. This ship would have outward signs of the storm, definitely very wet, possibly with some damage, yet it got through safely.

But the key to the safe passage of that ship is its crew. Those that pull together, and work as a team to get the ship to safety. Every person playing their part; not abandoning ship but striving for all to get to safety together.

Who do you have who help you get through the bad times? Remember to call on them when the storms hit. Storms do pass, but they are easier to handle when you have others helping you through.  

Peace be with you,

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