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One thought on “kinwomen

  • Brett Stanford

    Thanks ladies. Great quote by Rohr so true. Great to see your organisation & how it empowers women. I am involved with a community of men called Centre for Men Australia, seeking to achieve similar ends to the masculine as Kin women is clearly seeking for the feminine. I was greatly encouraged to see your audio blog for september was about empowering & relating to men as women.

    I would encourage you to encourage any men you care about to get involved. The centre for men is the Australian org that delivers Richard Rohr’s international Men’s Rites of Passage program which is all about men transforming their pain as the quote above mentions. cfma also coordinate a network of MALE (men as learners & elders) groups based also on Rohr’s work throughout Australia. Details here:

    Also here is a brief YouTube video about the org goes under the previous name of the organisation “men transforming men”

    I’m a strong believer in the value of mens work & womens work to create a transformed society. Perhaps we need to cross promote each others organisations for an empowered femininity & masculinity.