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‘Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.’

Meister Eckhart

If you look up the etymology of the word afresh you find this entry: recrudescence (n) 1707, “a becoming raw again, a breaking out afresh,” from stem of Latin recrudescere “re-open” (of wounds), literally “become raw again,” from re- “again” (see re-) + crudescere, from crudus “raw” (see crude (adj.)) + inchoative suffix -escere. Meaning “revival” is from 1906. Related: Recrudescency (1650s); recrudescent (1726).

Reinventing yourself and your life takes time. It’s a metamorphosis.

It’s not a New Year’s Day resolution or a spring fresh start. It’s the daily discipline of choosing to become raw and face hard things.

Every day is a new start, but what if you feel like a failure? Sometimes we have runs of days, weeks or even months where everything seems to go wrong. How do we keep going day after day?
Pruning plants at the end of their growth cycle makes them look dead for a while, but if they are fertilised and watered, they will reemerge stronger and with more flowers. A revival occurs by going through the seasons.

Beginning afresh in Spring is a great time. The promise of blue skies, warmth and growth after a winter of rain, grey skies and dead looking plants gives hope. Here in Australia, we are blessed with wildflowers blooming, warm sunshine and the bluest of skies. Spring arrives with a bang.

Count your blessings every day and have a vision of the life you want to have. The person you want to be. It’s not all about the possessions you have or the situations you face, it’s about how your character is developing and how you are growing into a person who will bloom again.

Give yourself time, but remember each day is new. Each day will bring change. Each day you can decide to begin afresh and, even if it hurts to grow, you can do it. You can change. You will be stronger in the end.

‘The beginning is always today.’

Mary Shelley

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