On Freedom: for those who follow. 1

If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.

Toni Morrison

Something was said to me a couple of years ago that stuck.
“If you slay the giants in your life, your daughters won’t have to.”

It put a fight on the inside of me I haven’t had before. Because as a mother, I want better for my kids than what I have. I want them to start from the top of my shoulders, not from the ground up. And if I can get taller, then they’ll reach further.

It goes for anyone who follows in our wake.

We can hand to others the wisdom we’ve earned, gently removing the chains that have kept them bound because one day we had been fighting for breath, trapped in the very same. Here, let me help you with that. I know what will remove those.

So my girls, my son, those of you who watch and learn—for you I’ll fight. 

I’ll slay timidity and insecurity because I don’t want you to be held back by it – I want you to have a deep sense of knowing that you were planned and are purposed. I want you to have security in who you are and the limitless possibility God has placed on the inside of you.

I’ll get free from approval addiction because I never want you to hand over the role of your approval to anyone else. You’ll walk without the need of approval or applause and you’ll be free from the fear of what others might think.

I’ll slay the need to find self-worth in achievements or accomplishment – you are more valuable than a piece of paper that holds a degree, you are more important than any role you could have, and you are more precious than what you do with your time. Your worth was complete the moment life was breathed into your soul.

I’ll find freedom from comparison because I want you to know that someone else’s beauty or talent doesn’t dim your own. There is room for you. You are enough.

I’ll wriggle out from under the labels and the expectations society places on us, so that you’ll never have to feel that weight or question the truth.

I’ll slay the thoughts that the mirror spits out when it says too fat, too small, too crooked, too short, too different so that you appreciate the uniqueness of your body and place less emphasis on the exterior than you give to your heart. 

I’ll slay the self-loathing and together we’ll love people of every race, colour, gender, orientation, and background so you see the words love thy neighbour as yourself  in action, and without excuse. The way you’ll love yourself will transfer to those around you – open-handed, full of grace.

Because those giants I’m slaying are liars, like all fears are.

And as I slay them, and find freedom, they’ll shrink and you’ll stand tall over them all and laugh with wild abandon.

And I’ll say of you, “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

About Em Hazeldean

Em is a lover of words, and has spent a lifetime recording the raw and intricate details of life in her journals and blogs. She speaks light and hope, and writes from a reservoir of deeply anchored faith in Jesus—as well as many long macchiatos. She is a wife, a mama to three kids, and a friend to many. Em has a bachelor's degree in English, Creative Writing and Journalism, and while her day job is as a library assistant, her superpower is editing and helping authors with their manuscripts. She believes in the beauty of tight hugs, freshly ground coffee and early mornings.

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