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Guaranteed every time in the remaining months of the year I think my life over.

It’s my prelude symphony to New Year’s Eve.

I track how the year has gone, asking the appropriate questions like:

What have I achieved?

Have I achieved the things I set out for at the beginning of the year?

Am I disappointed at not achieving somethings?

Did I accidentally achieve? (woah nelly)

Honestly for about 4- 6 weeks I’m sent into a silent spin that hovers in the back of my head.

You see I have this thing for growth and if I’m not learning and moving forward in some capacity I think something is wrong. The imaginary whip i own sometimes forgets to pipe down and I commit the crime of not celebrating the small victories. The older I get though, the better I am at becoming kinder to myself in these weeks.

If you find yourself in in a similar place can I encourage you as I attempt to do the following:

Let’s let go of the fact that we may not have achieved everything we’d hoped for this year.

Take a moment for space at the beach or on a park bench and celebrate at least one small victory. (By celebrate I’m not calling for the party poppers and streamers, instead just a deep breath of joy and a simple smile or a grin.)

Go on think it over and be mindful of your year.

Life is sweeter when you look through the lens of wonder.

If you need a song try ” Breathe In” by Japanese Wallpaper.

Love Polly

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A media ninja, performer, journo, awkward dancer, off taking adventures and often found biting off more than I can chew. Been putting pen to paper since I was 15 and without sounding too naff, writing is about connection and processing all that life throws at me.

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