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Climbing Bluff Knoll Albany, Western Australia with my daughter Tayla. A massive effort and I needed to take it a step at a time.

Thankful for little steps…

Last month we looked at the topic of ‘reinvention’ but as I looked up the word on my computer thesaurus, there were no other synonyms for this word.  I then looked up the word ‘invention’ and it presented me with words like creation and discovery.

I believe there are aspects of our self, past dreams and passions that can be rediscovered, restored and refashioned for our future – and this can be a very positive decision and path, particularly if we have totally lost a sense of true-self.

But you know what I have discovered from my experience – is that rediscovery, reinvention, restoration is not achieved in one giant step…

…but rather lots and lots of little steps.

This is a good thing because a ‘little step’ gives me confidence, courage, and helps me be brave for the next little step, and the next little step and the next…

Each step I take builds muscle and capacity for the whole journey.

So, let’s be thankful for the little steps in our path of rediscovery, recreation, restoration and reinvention.

No Regrets

Penny x

About Penny

Penny was born in England, raised in New Zealand, lived in America and settled in Perth, Australia. Together with her husband Mark, she is raising a teenage daughter and has twin twenty-something sons. "Coming home at the end of a solid working day to family and friends is my delight" says Penny, Co-author of the book – She’s Not Your Competition. She is a heart-felt communicator who believes in the power of a person’s story. Penny has over 25 years experience as a high level leader and spokesperson in both the private and non-profit sectors with significant public relations experience. She is currently the CEO of South Coastal Women's Health Services, and prior on the Leadership Teams of Rise Network and Riverview supporting people in areas of mental health, domestic and family violence, and children overseas at risk of exploitation. She holds an MBA and MBL, and is a Board Director for the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia. For the past 15 years she has provided pro-bono support as a mentor for leaders and consultant to not for profits. Penny’s personal life endeavour is a determination to "make life better not bitter".

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