2016 feb

My little fox! When I was thinking of our theme this month ‘little’ I was reminded of my mother’s words growing up who recited often a wise old man, Solomon, who spoke of the ‘little foxes that can spoil the vine.’ I know what a spoilt vine looks like – […]

Little Foxes

Thankful for little steps… Last month we looked at the topic of ‘reinvention’ but as I looked up the word on my computer thesaurus, there were no other synonyms for this word.  I then looked up the word ‘invention’ and it presented me with words like creation and discovery. I believe there […]

Little Next Steps

We have a money-box where we collect coins. All the twenty, fifty, ten and even five cent pieces go in this box. The girls love gathering them up and pushing them through the slot. It is just for the little money. The money that just becomes a nuisance; filling up […]

the little in love