Letting Go- A Poem 1

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The pressure is building and I want to let it out.
The strain of feelings- a heavy burden.
I try to let it go.
But the desire to conform to what is normal,
What is expected,
Holds me back.

No one really knows what’s going on beneath the surface,
what’s hidden from sight.
But I can’t hold it in much longer.
I have to let it out.

People all around me
Do they see me?
Do they really know?
What secrets I’m hiding.

I brace myself.
You can do this,
I tell myself.
You can do it.

I stand in the warmth of my freedom.

Peeing in the ocean.

About Yvette Cherry

Yvette work as a Pastor with the Baptist Churches of Western Australia where she has the enormous privilege of encouraging and equipping women in church leadership and ministry. Wife to Leigh and mother to four beautiful little girls, Yvette combines motherhood, church leadership and study at Vose Seminary where she is working toward a Master of Ministry. An extroverted introvert, Yvette loves deep conversations, with lots of people, about stuff that really matters; leading from the stage as a worship leader and itinerant preacher; and learning from people who know more than she does. But most of all, she really loves curling up with a good book, flaking out with her husband, and writing on her blog. You can find her at www.yvettecherry.com

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