2016 Curiosity

Val at Notre Dame University   My daughter, Penny, picked me up yesterday and we spent a fabulous day together visiting the Notre Dame university in Fremantle I attend,  the Perth city, cool coffee shops, and then my grandson’s architectural workplace .  The best day. We talked, as usual – but […]

Curiosity Brightens Your Day

My son is a whirlwind, an explorer, and a pilot. His imaginary friend Tririke and his imaginary dog Freedom, are constant travellers with our family. I’ve always wanted to delight in creativity with my little people in their everyday life, but I didn’t realise how frustrating it could be. Constant questions, […]

Curious Questions from a 4 year old pilot

Frustration seeps into my core as I have yet another face-off with my determined offspring. The emotional outbursts leave me exhausted. I break down as I question (yet again) my parenting style, our mother-daughter relationship, the way I handle the sibling rivalry…I wonder if I might be doing something seriously […]

Curiosity or control?

This time last year I said yes to curiosity and allowed it to take me where I needed to go. I’ve spent a lot of time interrogating myself, and curiosity has taken me to places in my soul I never expected. Curiosity tends to do that. Alice went down the rabbit […]

I Was a Different Person Then