2015 Soul Health

To my gorgeous girls, my most precious daughters, What was it we spoke of the other day? I think your Dad called it ‘The Flesh Obsession’. This preoccupation with the body, sex and beauty that seems to dominate our popular culture. It screams at us from our TV screens, our advertising, […]

The Flesh Obsession

Whether it be with my husband, friends or people I lead, my soul feels most at peace when my relationships are good. The things that keep me up at night are very rarely things or circumstances – it’s people. What he said, the tone she used, how he ‘made me’ feel. […]

Frank and Fierce

When you’re confused, feeling lost, or at the end of your rope what words come to mind? I mean other than the ones that scream, ‘It’s hopeless. My life is over!’ I find words to live by, precepts, give me a framework on which to cling to and live by. […]

Words To Live By