So you think you can be: Lady Wisdom


For a number of years Lady Wisdom has been by my side in both the big and little decisions of my life. Sometimes I have listened and other times I have ignored her.

She’s like a whisper with a voice of reason.

Often she will pose a question to me like, “are you sure about that”?

We end up having a conversation and we play the movie forward.

I think it’s so important to be present and in the moment.  But looking into the future and creating scenarios with potential decisions/outcomes has been a very helpful strategy in my life

I must say Lady Wisdom looks different across any given day.

Here’s my version of her and how she has rolled out across different moments in my life.

Wisdom With Big Decisions

I ask Dear Lady Wisdom:

How will this affect my present life?

How will it affect my days in the future?

What impact will it have on my day to day life? My job, exercise, eating well?

How will if affect my relationships – my family, my core friends?

Will this be a financial investment into my future or will it be an expense that pays off in the future? (I can’t always answer this, but it’s still really good to think about)

What will my kids say?

This is random as I don’t have children, but one day I might. Ever since I was 17 I have thought about this. I assure you it doesn’t get in the way of spontaneity and adventure.

Down the track I want to be prepared to explain the decisions I have made in this life. I believe our decisions effect us as individuals, our families and the extended community around us. Not that every decision is right and I’m in no way perfect. But I believe we all leave a legacy to those around us and to the next generation. One day if I have kids I’ll have to defend or explain my choices both the ones I’m proud of and the bungled ones.

Wisdom with Small Decisions

I ask Dear Lady Wisdom:

Is this a good use of my time? Will this take from me or give back to me?

When I’m around people I ask myself are they life giving or just sucking the very joy from my veins? Look, no one is perfect and I know when I’ve been through dark moments in life I’ve sucked a lot of joy from my dear friends. And to this day, thankfully, they are still my friends.

Honestly though, if you feel constantly drained after spending time with someone, I think it’s okay to pull back. Limit the amount of time you have with that person or hang out with them in crowds.

Boundaries are wisdom.

I use the swimming method here. You can’t rescue everyone. If the environment is unsafe or they’re going to pull you under the water, you can’t get in. Don’t even dip your toe in.

It’s sad and seems mean, but you can’t go down with a sinking ship. Sometimes people have to rescue themselves.

Harsh? Maybe or just honest.

Wisdom and Other People.

Flesh your wisdom conversations out with other wise people. People that love you, see the best in you, but are also removed from the nitty gritty of your world and can perhaps see a bigger picture.

Make Time for Wisdom.

Sometime I reckon you gotta pull out of life, take yourself for coffee, scribble your random thoughts on a napkin  and take a moment to hear the quiet voice of  Dear Lady wisdom.

She’s got your back and wants the best for you.

In a nut shell, Lady Wisdom to me is about: time, space, conversations and playing the story forward.


About Sara Polanski

A media ninja, performer, journo, awkward dancer, off taking adventures and often found biting off more than I can chew. Been putting pen to paper since I was 15 and without sounding too naff, writing is about connection and processing all that life throws at me.