2015 March Diverse

Who would have thought those little brown freckles could create so much fascination? I am being studied as a specimen. Being spoken about, not to. My face is being touched and stroked and stared at – without inhibition. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go. Me, in a tiny little village, […]

Little brown freckles

My youngest daughter had her first overseas trip before she turned two. We put her and her three-year old sister on a plane and took them to Thailand. You may ask, “What were you thinking?” I will tell you what we were thinking. We were thinking it is never too […]

the whole mosaic

Recently the YouTube video, Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels (Gender, Color, Race, Disability) Skeleton Love Dance went viral. Why has it struck such a chord? The crowd reaction was beautiful with people wiping away tears, smiling and clapping. It seems that we spend so much time majoring […]

Strength in Diversity

Dear Liberty, Today you are all but seven months old and are crawling around my feet but I know this will go quickly, so I wanted to take time today to write. Hoping you won’t ever forget. Hoping I don’t forget. Hoping for your life that you will find your feet […]

a letter to my daughter