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                    my biggest accuser points the finger at my pride my inflexibility my belief in the rightness of me my biggest accuser whispers in my ear about my selfishness my smugness and my neglect of the things that matter my biggest […]

my biggest accuser

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”  Coco Channel Can I please have your attention? Your body is  flippin remarkable! You’re covered in this beautiful wrap otherwise known as skin and beneath the surface are hundreds of cells and systems working together to keep you alive. And at the core […]

Binge Eater Honesty

You could give up. You could criticise your efforts. You could walk out on yourself. Or you could stay. And remind yourself you’ve got this. And never walk out on yourself again. Dr Rebecca Ray The battle with my own reflection in the mirror has been an ongoing issue for […]

Never Walk Out On Yourself Again