Monthly Archives: July 2016

I best stay here in bed with back-to-back episodes of Gilmore Girls because it’s really too late to read that book that I know I should read because well, it’s late and I won’t actually retain any of it anyway so I will save it for tomorrow when I’m fresh […]

make progress, not excuses

As my husband addressed my eldest, I saw her instinctively stiffen in a defensive stance on the stairs. He barely finished his sentence and she jumped in with that oft-repeated phrase, ‘Yes, but …’. He cut her off before she could continue with this incisive statement. ‘”Yes, but” … actually […]

yes, but …

I went to a fantastic creative workshop with twelve women the other day. In the first fifteen minutes, we ordered coffee and began introducing ourselves. They were all amazing women who impressed me with their creativity, talent and presence. In that first fifteen minutes, six women said sorry. ‘Sorry, I’m […]

Sorry, Not Sorry