Yearly Archives: 2015

It is the season of goodwill, kindness and joy, and yet contentment is not really in much evidence. As I go about the routines of this season I am surrounded by discontent. There is discontent about missing out on a car bay, or about a package being late. There is […]

Holy discontent

I’ve read so many motivational quotes that tell me it’s not about what happens to us, but our attitude to it that makes a difference. Sometimes these platitudes are like sand kicked in our face at the beach. They don’t breed contentment they breed a desire to slap someone — […]

Cultivating Contentment

Stillness envelops me as I sit knees to chest, eyes closed and sheltered in a broad-brim hat. The sun overhead radiates therapeutic rays of warmth and comfort into my back and shoulders, sand squelches in my toes and the lapping waves create rhythmic music all around the bay. Isn’t this the life? […]

Etching words on mind and heart.

I drove into the city for the second time in two days to have medical tests. I’m facing some surgery that will have me out of action for about six weeks and, having had similar surgery previously, dark thoughts infiltrated my mind. ‘I’ll start the year unfit, unhealthy and take […]

One Wild, Precarious and Precious Life