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  Penny spoke live on radio about a new book she is reading at the moment called ‘The Third Space’. An interesting conversation about transitions in our life and stress how it affects all of us. Here is a great video clip explaining the whole thesis by Dr Adam Fraser […]

The Third Space

(Kelley writing from Rwanda, May 2014) Rosa was almost thirty with three children and one on the way when she heard about the Self Help Groups run by a local NGO that were starting in her area, her village, about 50 kilometres outside of Kigali. This was 2002. She was […]

Rosa’s Story

‘I will never do that when I become a Mum!’ Those vitriolic words spoken in teenage angst that come back to haunt every mother of a newborn child. The complexity of generational transition is never more present than in the early stages of novice motherhood. I find myself doing all […]

Have I really become my mother?