Yearly Archives: 2014

It is interesting being a mother of two young girls. Already a lot of my parenting is about managing emotions, theirs and mine. So this Christmas season has been one that has quite a different rhythm to those in the past. Pre-kids, I would hit the shops, in a take-no-prisoners […]

guard your heart

Nostalgia floods my heart at this time of year and I find myself pulling out some of my all time favourite movies. This year is no different but my choices seem a little heavier and maybe a little half hearted. I just can’t stomach anything that even sniffs at consumerism […]

Love actually is all around

I failed at “advent” this year. I half-heartedly got out the quilted calendar, that I usually stuff with treats or cards with activities for my little people to do. By day 8, my ‘activity’ for the day was to “give your mother a cuddle”. Thankfully my kids didn’t think this […]

I failed at Advent

Today I went to a yoga class—my first in over a year. I’ve been feeling a bit stiff and my flexibility isn’t as good as it was, so off I went to make myself Downward Dog, relax into Child’s Pose or even do a whole Sun Salutation. Yoga, from the […]

Pain From Christmases Past