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Finding wisdom is not something that is promoted as being desirable in our culture. As women, we are subliminally bombarded by many other competing messages that try to form our character. We must be productive (i.e busy, not be idle, work hard), acceptable (i.e quiet, helpful or not too much), […]

the quiet call of wisdom

On the 1st March autumn officially began in Perth, and after the long hot summer, the cooler days have been awaited anxiously. Yet, here we are in the middle of March and no sign of autumn, because just by decreeing an arbitrary day autumn does not make it so. My […]

wisdom of seasons

How can we cultivate wisdom? We don’t need to be academics, but just like any muscle in our body or area of health or personal development, this is one area to train, grow and use regularly. Wisdom is not some airy-fairy concept. It’s gutsy, down-to-earth and real. Here’s ten ways […]

Ten Ways To Cultivate Wisdom