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Wisdom to me is like learning to drive a car. The car I learnt to drive in was a Datsun ute. Picture this a little 18 something blonde in a bright fluffy cow neck jumper behind the wheel of a two door match box ute! Learning how to navigate that rusty beast with the clutch, gear accelerate process was scary and exciting all at the same time!! I eventually got there.

Listening to wisdom for me is like that moment when you balance the feeling of the clutch, switch into gear and move forward with a bit of a tap on the accelerator.

Listening to wisdom is like a gear change and lately that has been about protecting myself and my heart. Letting the unction of wisdom have her way. Especially in relationships and even in the moment of stepping out and trying new and random things. Having the unction and being aware of it has allowed me a sense of space where I can be okay to let people go.

Releasing some relationships into an unknown future because while there is still joy of our memories there is no connection anymore.

Last month I shared how friendships to me are like bridges. They bring me hope and have carried me through all sorts of seasons. But sometimes I see old relics of bridges. They’ve fallen apart to the point of no return and nearby a new bridge may or may not have gone up in its place. But wisdom says to me you have to sometimes let go and allow a new bridge to be built, or not.

Take heart, feel that moment when Wisdom brings about a shift in your world. Listen out and feel the gear change. Sometimes it’s scary to let go. But as my mother always said when I was cleaning out my bedroom ‘ if you make space something new can come along’.

So for me now is the time for space, letting go and allowing wisdom to usher in freedom.

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A media ninja, performer, journo, awkward dancer, off taking adventures and often found biting off more than I can chew. Been putting pen to paper since I was 15 and without sounding too naff, writing is about connection and processing all that life throws at me.

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  • Polly

    Thanks Jodie! Wisdom is a marvellous thing! I love how it has the ability to take a different form/shape depending on the season you’re in. But at the same time always have at the core truth and freedom. Have a great weekend šŸ™‚

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