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Kinwomen founder Kelley Chisholm will be speaking for the city of Mandurah on the 14th of March. The topic for her presentation is on ‘Optimistic Parenting’. The focus of the free seminar is for the new cultural shift in our society towards the FIFO lifestyle. The seminar details; ‘Want more […]

Optimistic Parenting

Kinwomen’s founder Penny Webb has been nominated in the International Women’s Day Awards for Western Australia. International Women’s Day is all about promoting and encouraging women internationally. This year the women who have been nominated will be coming together for a presentation and morning tea at Government House on Friday […]


I take a deep breath.  In and out.  I stop and I pray for calm.  I tell myself “This is not a forever moment”. Hope for me is knowing that hard things don’t last forever, that many situations in our lives are just for now, that things will change.  It […]

Not a Forever Moment

On Sunday at 2pm all the writers and speakers from Kinwomen gathered together for a planning meeting for 2014. Enjoying one another’s company over a cup of tea, getting to know our new members and discuss the exciting events that we can come alongside in the community this year… With […]

kinwomen catch up

Hope is defined by; ‘the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best‘. Sometimes we (or at least definitely I) can be so focussed on what we want (and what we think that looks/feels like), that we forsake the best. We […]

Hope and Tattoo sleeves

We started trying for children when I saw my 30th birthday approaching. We both felt it was the right time and so, although nervous about being parents, we embraced that decision whole-heartedly. Yet despite our expectations, it didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen in a year. It didn’t happen for […]

when you have no strength to hope