Sunday Best 2

Wild women are the unexplainable spark of life. They ozze freedom, seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet.

If you have met one, hold onto her, she’ll allow you into her chaos but she’ll also show you her magic.

-Nikki Rowe

Today I asked my daughter, Ainslie, to get ready for Church. You see when I was growing up, it was ‘Sunday Best’ to church.

Normally a cute, frilly, girlie dress with some sort of polished or shiny white or black shoes. You may even top it off with a matching headband or tights.

She scurried off to her room, not before she tunneled her way through the ‘fort’ she made by laying 4 blankets across the couch. Tossing every pillow onto the ground.

Wildly alive in her imagination.

In fact, I should let you know that during the second award ceremony of the year this year, we received notification that she would be receiving an award. I had no idea what for. Maybe being kind to people, or trying hard on her handwriting, or always putting her hand up to be a helper in class.

No…it was for her LOVE of playing on the monkey bars.

She came rushing into our bedroom as I was getting ready, in an outfit that could NOT be missed if you tried. Everything mis-matched, everything in loud color. Three hair clips, clipped on top of each other. (see photo above!)

The objective?

To wear her bright blue neon sandals so she could show off her painted toenails.

We showed up to church, in her Sunday Best. Wildly alive in the beautiful imprint that she has on her life, alive in her own sense of self. A courageous and constant reminder that we all have permission to be alive in our lives if we choose.


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Mish is certified Life Coach and successful entrepreneur who has found her calling serving women looking to reduce burnout and increase their sense of joy, radiance, and adventure in their lives. She is passionate about empowering women to compassionately explore and work through areas of critical self-talk, perfectionism and burnout. She is also deeply committed to unearthing true freedom for herself and for women who are caught in the elusive trap of ‘hustling’ through life and business. As a recovering perfectionist, Mish creates space online, in-person and through writing to empower women to start their own journey of discovering their own sense of self, courage, radiance and flow in their lives.

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