Dare to Be Aware of Your Risk-Taking Self


Looking back to our childhood is such a good place to search for our ‘risk-taking self’ especially the school playground.

Risk is a constant from birth – not something that can ever be eliminated and therefore, it seems sensible to understand it, embrace it and find a balance.  As this balance is highly subjective, awareness of one’s own self is the only safe way to deal with risk, as being a copycat can never be an option. This means fully assessing the risks we take by knowing exactly WHAT is being risked, WHO is being risked and WHY are we taking the risk, and most importantly, do we have a plan for negative outcomes?

Sounds great, but do we always do this?…  Of course not!

Looking back to our childhood is such a good place to search for our ‘risk-taking self’ especially the school playground. I have to confess to being a bit of a rebel – always right in the thick of any plot to disregard rules and accept a dare.  The risk of punishment was not strong enough to curtail the mischief, yet many girls would never take a risk at all and were model pupils.  Thankfully, we are not all the same!

Who were you?!

It seems that although our risk-taking is modified somewhat when we grow up and have children, our basic set points stay the same and I still like to push the status quo and live on the edge in my old age, as it is a comfortable place for me.

It is very important to feel comfortable but having said that, there is always a slight discomfort when we take a risk of any kind.  We can readily see how imperative it is to know our own self really, really well, and never be a copycat, as trying to be someone else will never work.

Finding out WHAT we are willing to risk again highlights the importance of knowing our risk-taking self.  Asking – are we willing to risk our finances, health, reputation, close friendship with friends and family in a given situation?  Only you will be able to answer all these questions – again look back at your history as well as the present situation.  This is such a huge subject, but sometimes, it is good to get a glimpse of the big picture and the implications of it in order to find yourself in it.

Having found yourself, and WHAT you are willing to risk, is now a good time to identify WHO is going to be taken with you when taking the risk, and understand the impact on them also.

My own children, immediately come to mind, when they were moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand at an early age, and subsequently to the United States of America seven years later, and then to Perth where they would finish their education.  WHY we chose to take this risk, is because we wanted a different and better lifestyle for the children and ourselves, rather than just do what our parents had done for us.

Quite an upheaval but I am sure that if you spoke to them today, they would say that they were some of the best years of their life and they loved it.


Love Val

About Val Heaton

Val is a Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grandmother. A trained registered nurse who was in leadership in the community and church sector for a large part of her life. She re-registered as Nurse in her late fifties. This year in her seventies she went to university for the first time to study philosophy and ethics. She wanted to keep curious, learning and growing and had to be in an environment where she would hear the reflections from the younger generations.