Choosing connection over fame and fortune 4

As I think about the year that has just passed, if I could change only one thing, it would be how connected I feel to those who are important to me.

How about you?

Do you feel connected in a world of so much isolation?

One of the most significant risks of this age of technology is that we have more knowledge than ever before, but disconnection is endemic. Families sit at tables wrestling to gain one another’s attention through screens. Workplaces have become satellite offices within the same building, and sometimes I wonder where it will all lead.

Fame and fortune seem to be the dangling carrot on the end of a stick. Yet when I watch the lives of those who are seemingly “living the high life”, I see the unravelling of their connection to what is important.

Connection begins with speaking to ourselves with compassion, finding and seeking understanding from the experiences that have made our year or season.

Each time we listen to our internal dialogue and reframe this narrative to one that is forgiving and kind, it changes the way we connect with our sense of purpose to a greater story.

Connection begins with our sense of clarity around the purpose of our everyday.

Each time I slow myself, to remember the reason why and the story that is awakening as I co-create my life with a powerful creator God.

Fame and fortune is not the end game. Connecting the dots between our internal worlds and the purpose for making decisions, changes the rules.

What rules are you living by?

We are kinwomen and you are our kin.

About Amanda

Amanda Viviers has published ten books and is a presenter on radio across New Zealand and Australia. She is also the co-founder of Kinwomen; a network created to inspire women to start conversations that matter. Head of Narrative for Compassion Australia, she is driven by a passion for social justice, she loves supporting projects for women in developing countries. Teaching women to live creative lives, beyond the circumstances, is something she pursues daily. Wife of Charl and Mum of Maximus and Liberty, she lives a creative life, longing to see people live inspired. Pinterest/ Twitter/ @Mandaviviers Instagram: @amandaviviers Facebook: @amandaviviersperth

4 thoughts on “Choosing connection over fame and fortune

  • Antony Wells

    I know I’m not a woman, but my wife subscribed and I read the posts from time to time. The sentence that really struck me here was: “Connection begins with speaking to ourselves with compassion…” Why do I always find this so difficult? More to the point, how do I change that?
    Someone once said, a problem well stated is a problem half solved. I think this is a fantastic way of stating the problem, and I am going to start including this in my prayer time. I believe that the Lord will help me sort this out.
    Thank you SOOOO much for the inspiration!!!

    • Amanda Post author

      Hey Antony, welcome here! What a legend. Reframing the way we speak to ourselves is a huge change hey. Cheers and thanks for reading Amanda

    • Amanda Post author

      Thankyou so much Elaine. It’s such a balance. But I choose connection every time. And I know you do too.

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