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As I sit here the pressure is building, the overwhelm monster is rearing its ugly head. How do I get through, how do I get control back? Right now, all I want to do is give up, that feeling of loss, rejection and constantly being set back is just too much.

As a mum of two, running multiple businesses from home I understand that sometimes in life we get thrown lemons, but it’s what we do with these lemons that sets us apart. We all make mistakes, we all face rejection and it’s so easy to get caught on the rollercoaster that brings us down, keeping us on that negative loop to loop.

Let’s grow personally and professionally and get comfortable with the uncomfortable, growth happens when we step outside our comfort zones. Every experience in life offers lessons, we need to take the reigns and get control back.

Expect that sometimes these failures are going to happen and it’s a part of learning and life. Delays are always inevitable, businesses may have bad days or months. I can hear myself scream from the rooftops as I try to process my feeling and emotions, but now it’s time to get tactical.

When we persevere we become stronger, more compassionate and grateful. Don’t give up, life is hard, it was never meant to be easy. Our legacy is our journey in life, just because there may be one bad chapter doesn’t mean the story ends there. I feel my focus coming back, I have that urge to see what happens when I don’t give up, I find my passions yet again, forgive myself and get on with it tomorrow.

Become unstuck in order to lead positive change and shine a light on the darkness that may be surrounding our fears. Clear the mind and focus, get more determined to accomplish those goals. I am grounded, I have finally found peace. I walk around the park with the sun shining on my face, feel the wind across my skin, my mind is processing, I can take control again and focus on what’s important to me.

Being able to deal with mistakes, rejections, failure and setbacks is really at the heart of a happy and successful person. This is not the end of our story, change the story and you can change your life.   

Rhiannon McDonald

About Rhiannon Mcdonald

Rhiannon is a business owner, experienced organiser and family enthusiast. She helps others to cut through the chaos and take control of life and business, so you can focus on what’s really important to you, find simplicity and freedom! Rhiannon has crafted her skills as a small business owner and entrepreneur and now enjoys passing on that knowledge to others. As a mum of two Rhiannon is extremely organised but enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends. Rhiannon and her husband also have a passion for property, building and renovating houses.

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  • Elaine Fraser

    Love this, Rhiannon. ‘This is not the end of our story, change the story and you can change your life.’ Walking around with the sun onmy face helps me to deal with the overwhelm as well. Great post! xx

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