Oct 2016: Story

Those early years – me as a very little girl. I was born in Kent, Southeast England just after the war started in 1940. I often think of my mother who must have been petrified just even carrying me during this time – with war planes constantly overhead.  She would […]

The Impact of Your Early Story

“I shall grow.” I’m a massive fan of growth. I like the feeling and the knowing that I’m moving forward. It’s not that I’m afraid to be still, instead I refuse to become stagnant. It’s the year 2007. My wardrobe is minimal and most of my clothes are sewn together […]

I Shall Grow

We all have shame. We all have secrets. We all have stories. Sometimes those stories remain secrets our whole lives and shame eats away at us. In the lead up to the release of my book, Amazing Grace I asked some friends to share a ‘confession’. Something secret. I noticed […]

Write a New Chapter