Feb 2013: Love

Tonight whilst making dinner and bathing my son, I overheard a story on Today Tonight that caught my distracted attention. I went back after my chores were complete, rewound my Tivo and sat mesmerised by this short film. What is love?   It truly inspired me. As I approach my […]

What is love?

I’m not sure whether it is that I was single for so long in my twenties and thirties or if being home more and living a simpler life has changed me, but I just find Valentines day so overrated. It really concerns me when I see people buying overpriced, under […]


The theme of LOVE for February is in full swing. Our radio spots go live everyday on 98five. http://www.98five.com/shows/other-shows/kinwomen/ If you would like to listen to them online though click the audio tab above or click on the following link. http://www.kinwomen.com/audio/

Audio Links for February