Monthly Archives: January 2016

Honesty is always my best policy, but to be honest here is to be extremely vulnerable. My name is Amanda and I have wrestled with doubt over the last few months and some days it actually won. There are many reasons for the wrestle, there have been circumstances beyond control, […]

reinventing my courage

I like to think I’ve got quite a good handle on this ‘reinvention’ thing. I make respectable resolutions every year. I incorporate ‘on trend’ into my wardrobe and house. My Instagram feed is seamless and rather aesthetic, no? Folks, I’ve got it all together, right? Nope. As I grow up […]

reinvention unseen

I’ve had a breakthrough. Admittedly it’s a first-world kinda breakthrough – but a breakthrough nonetheless. My iphone storage had been almost full for the best part of a year and I couldn’t figure out how to clear it out. Taking photos was a frustrating endeavour, taking videos was almost impossible. It was […]

Clearing out the hidden stuff.

Dear 2015, With no one around I sat comfortably, content and excited to meet you. You didn’t arrive with shouts of cheer instead it was a quiet, “Hey, I’m here” and you carried great plans for adventure and growth. It didn’t take me long, as I was getting to know […]

Impressed by a Hurricane