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Tonight whilst making dinner and bathing my son, I overheard a story on Today Tonight that caught my distracted attention. I went back after my chores were complete, rewound my Tivo and sat mesmerised by this short film. What is love?   It truly inspired me. As I approach my […]

What is love?

I’m not sure whether it is that I was single for so long in my twenties and thirties or if being home more and living a simpler life has changed me, but I just find Valentines day so overrated. It really concerns me when I see people buying overpriced, under […]


Each of your stories is important. There are lessons you have learned that have the capacity to impact another. There is wisdom you have gathered that would inspire another lady. We all have a tale to tell and in the realm of Love, we have all lost and gained, been […]

Your Story

The theme of LOVE for February is in full swing. Our radio spots go live everyday on 98five. If you would like to listen to them online though click the audio tab above or click on the following link.

Audio Links for February