Day 5- The Adventure of Simplicity India – A Mother’s Hope

A Mother’s Hope

It doesn’t matter where I go in this world, the desires of women often remain the same, it just seems they are re-prioritised depending on circumstances.

I am here in India at present for Kinwomen with the Foxglove Project, speaking with women, particularly mothers who are far from the privilege I have, however, our conversations soon end up with a smile, a giggle, a rolling of the eyes, and the shaking of the head as we connect through our mutual hope.

When I ask an Indian mother what does she hope for with her new little business venture having received a small loan from the Equitas Bank – she would without a doubt say, ‘this is for my children’.  Her hope is her children have better lives than what she has. Her hope is her children gain an education, don’t live in the slum, are fed and get the support of health when needed. It is all about her children – she will sacrifice almost everything for them.

A mother’s hope.

Whilst on one hand I am loathed to compare the challenges of a mother living with her children on the pavement in India and myself, my premise is that a mother’s hope lies so heavily in her children doing well no matter what her circumstances.

As a mother of twin boys who are now grown and have the skills and internal foundations and values to hold them in good stead to navigate life, I feel relaxed.  They have found contributing lives through architecture and other endeavours, and have embarked on a life with good friends and their community.  I feel content – although I will always be a mother and care and worry at times!

As a mother also of a teenage girl, I concern myself the most, not about a Board I may be reporting to or the washing machine that has broken down, but about ensuring I am doing a good job for my daughter.  I so want to give her my best so she too can navigate well these young person’s years, has the best possible education for her future choices but most importantly is developing her own values so she can traverse the challenges that will surely come her way.

A mother’s hope for her children is raw, instinctive and marks a woman who has children, whether they are her own biologically or she has embraced another’s.  This hope is not something that needs to be rallied or contrived, but is innate, beautiful, strong and relentless.

So, this is my simple thought – the simplicity of a mother’s hope is for her children… it traverses culture, place and position and is magnificent, but is no surprise.

I have found it here again amongst the mothers of India.  We sit on the floor, tell stories of our children, share pictures, smile, advise and cry when we speak of our children because our hope is that they have a good life and better future.

My Prayer for the Mother’s of India

May you have fresh strength.
May you find the friendship of others.
May you be wise in your decisions.
May you spread your wings and soar high.
May you hold your head high.
May you walk tall and strong.
May you not get tired.
May you find favour in your work and business.
May you not lag behind in your greatest contribution.
May you continue in hope for your children.

No Regrets

About Penny

Penny was born in England, raised in New Zealand, lived in America and settled in Perth, Australia. Together with her husband Mark, she is raising a teenage daughter and has twin twenty-something sons. "Coming home at the end of a solid working day to family and friends is my delight" says Penny, Co-author of the book – She’s Not Your Competition. She is a heart-felt communicator who believes in the power of a person’s story. Penny has over 25 years experience as a high level leader and spokesperson in both the private and non-profit sectors with significant public relations experience. She is currently the CEO of South Coastal Women's Health Services, and prior on the Leadership Teams of Rise Network and Riverview supporting people in areas of mental health, domestic and family violence, and children overseas at risk of exploitation. She holds an MBA and MBL, and is a Board Director for the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia. For the past 15 years she has provided pro-bono support as a mentor for leaders and consultant to not for profits. Penny’s personal life endeavour is a determination to "make life better not bitter".