Afternoon Conversations


When:             Saturday 2pm – 4pm

Where: More information to follow

Cost:    $20pp + your coffee order

Kinwomen has always had the philosophy that wisdom, learning and change arise more often out of conversation that information. What we hear and read, many women understand, filter and master through discussion, questions and reflection.

And so, these 90 minute sessions facilitated by Kinwomen leaders, will target a topic to provide input before opening the floor for facilitated discussion and activities.


With Amanda

Goal setting and finding focus in a world of distraction. Do you struggle to find the time to achieve what is required of you at work? Are you looking for ways to reset and find focus again? In this simple one hour session, Local Author Amanda Vizier’s takes you through a workbook that gives you simple questions and reflections to help you find goals and focus. We all need a reset often. Time to turn everything off and begin again. Finding a fresh perspective to help bring back motivation and vision. 



With Kelley

In a culture highly focused on self, there continues to exist a strong counter culture focused on others. How can we join the movement and do this well? Well for those we want to assist – bringing hope, opportunity and capacity (we have all seen the challenge in welfare models that leave people disappointed and dependent). And well for those who want to contribute – not burnt out but passionately living out our long-term purpose.

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With Penny

Things have got better for girls over the years when it comes to equality and opportunity, but we have all noticed something about girls – they are growing up very fast – fourteen seems to be the new eighteen, and a significant number of our girl’s experience anxiety and depression. As a parent or carer of a young lady, Penny will discuss some key pointers from the professionals in the child and adolescent sector that will help us raise secure, healthy, resilient, liberated girls who are comfortable in their own skin.

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