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Wellness, work life balance, work life integration…GAH! What do these words even mean in the millennial world?

“Having it all is sacrificial. If you want it all you have to give it all. What if balance isn’t as much needed as tenacity?”

– Bianca Juarez Olthoff from Propel Women

“Tenacity!” Maybe Millennial ‘balance’ looks, sounds and feels like tenacity?

To be determined, persistent, diligent, constant, firm in one’s purpose.

Perhaps it means resolving that we will be tenacious in bringing our best to all spaces of our life?

We sometimes think that work life balance means perfect; I meet all my deadlines and all the people I lead in my team are happy, my home is forever tidy, I have sassy romance and dinner is on the table by 6.

Oh, Lord have Mercy on me if that is it! My best certainly doesn’t look like that!!

This is what my best looked like this week…

{Domestic Goddess} I started the week making freezer lunches  for my husband and I for quick exit in the morning …much better than last weeks effort Hurahh!

{Passionate Dreamer} I dreamed, debated and deliberated in state planning meetings for 2015…

{Wife} I went on a date with my husband…No I didn’t, I did the week before, this week I fell asleep on the couch instead…sorry babes…

{Friend} I caught up with a friend mid-week who is going through a really hard time…

{Encourager} I took our office administrator out for lunch to say ‘thank you’ for being so patient and ‘sorry’ that I’m so demanding.

{Collaborator} I developed a new partnership for a school readiness program for at-risk kids…So excited about this!

{Sass} I stood on my head in yoga…That’s a lie, I tried and looked ridiculous!

{Fixer} I ran around on an oval with 40 at-risk kids after working a 10 hour day because someone had called in sick for the program…I collapsed on my bed when I got home at midnight.

{Home maker} My home is tidy and shiny…another lie, I will be spending my Saturday turning it back up the right way.

{Communicator} I did a radio interview for Kin…again, fail! I was meant to but forgot I had State planning. But, I wrote a blog for you instead…Ta-da!

*Take a deep breath* I didn’t get it all perfect, but I was tenacious in trying to bring my best.

Throw away getting it all perfect, throw away comparing your best with others’ best, no one has time for that.

Just be tenacious in bringing your best.

Work life balance. Nailed it.

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About Karina Chicote

Karina Chicote is a strategic leader for an international child’s rights organisation and writer and presenter on radio for Kin Women. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and has designed and led award-winning programs for Aboriginal children and young people. Karina has worked across the globe on campaigns in London, asylum seeker centres in Papua New Guinea, the UN General Assembly in New York and now leads strategic projects across Western Australia. Karina was a finalist for the WA Youth Work Awards in 2015 and 2016, recognising her leadership and commitment to creating change for the most vulnerable young people in our communities. Above all Karina is a wife to Lance and lover of their Pug Brixton, who amidst the seriousness of changing the world make her laugh, a lot.

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