Take heart 3



Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath. Slow our head and listen to our heartbeat.

Whilst our heads are full of the whys, hows and whens – our heart cannot fully feel.

Just stop. Feel again. Enjoy.

Don’t be afraid of peace.

Embracing peace [contentment] in the now is not you giving up on that thing you’re hoping for.

Don’t push her away telling yourself that it’s not ok to be ok with how things are. You must search, strive, find the answer.


Peace will be your dearest friend if you’ll let her.

Loving her is not giving up on hope, it’s giving hope a friend.

It’s trusting that things are going to work out just fine without all your striving, worrying and stressing.

Life will not pass you by. Enjoy now for now.

Just take a deep breath and take heart dear friend.


About Karina Chicote

Karina Chicote is a strategic leader for an international child’s rights organisation and writer and presenter on radio for Kin Women. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Rights and has designed and led award-winning programs for Aboriginal children and young people. Karina has worked across the globe on campaigns in London, asylum seeker centres in Papua New Guinea, the UN General Assembly in New York and now leads strategic projects across Western Australia. Karina was a finalist for the WA Youth Work Awards in 2015 and 2016, recognising her leadership and commitment to creating change for the most vulnerable young people in our communities. Above all Karina is a wife to Lance and lover of their Pug Brixton, who amidst the seriousness of changing the world make her laugh, a lot.

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