Living with Questions I have never been a person who has a creed or written down a set of beliefs that frame my life, but I do have core principles to which I cling dearly. Perhaps this is due to having parents who questioned everything, distrusted the establishment, and who […]

Living with Questions by Elaine Fraser

Some conversations are hard. Some conversations never happen. Some conversations should happen. Some conversations need to happen. Some conversations change you. Some conversations change your course forever. Ten conversations that have mattered and made a difference in my life:  1. The time my boyfriend asked me to marry him and […]

Dare to Have That Conversation

We all have shame. We all have secrets. We all have stories. Sometimes those stories remain secrets our whole lives and shame eats away at us. In the lead up to the release of my book, Amazing Grace I asked some friends to share a ‘confession’. Something secret. I noticed […]

Write a New Chapter

This time last year I said yes to curiosity and allowed it to take me where I needed to go. I’ve spent a lot of time interrogating myself, and curiosity has taken me to places in my soul I never expected. Curiosity tends to do that. Alice went down the rabbit […]

I Was a Different Person Then

I’ve read so many motivational quotes that tell me it’s not about what happens to us, but our attitude to it that makes a difference. Sometimes these platitudes are like sand kicked in our face at the beach. They don’t breed contentment they breed a desire to slap someone — […]

Cultivating Contentment